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Adbert Software Innovations is an independent management consulting firm offering risk and advisory solutions to a diverse clientele throughout Uganda and the entire East African region. We assist our clients to improve, streamline and upgrade their business operations. Our expertise, gained through many years of consulting assists us to provide the best in management consulting.

At Adbert Consulting we strive to supply our clients with the best advice possible and as such the work we complete for your business is of the highest standard. Our Directors are certified Public Accountants with many years of experience in consulting and audit.

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Risk Advisory

We offer comprehensive risk advisory services to help organizations identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks that could impact their operations, reputation, or financial stability.

Corporate Governance:

Adbert provides guidance on establishing and maintaining effective corporate governance structures to ensure transparency, accountability, and ethical practices within organizations.

Capacity Strengthening:

Adbert's capacity strengthening services focus on enhancing the skills, knowledge, and capabilities of individuals, teams, and organizations to improve performance and achieve strategic objectives.

Kiswahili Language Services:

Adbert specializes in Kiswahili language services, facilitating effective communication and engagement with Kiswahili-speaking audiences.

Strategic Planning:

Adbert assists clients in developing robust strategic plans that align with their long-term goals, guiding them through the process of defining objectives and actionable steps.

Fraud & Investigations:

Adbert assists clients in detecting, investigating, and preventing fraudulent activities within their organizations, helping safeguard against financial losses and reputational damage.


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